Current Research

Reference # Program Status CHUM Ethics Clinical Trials Registration Resident / Student Title
CT0001 Protocol Pending RCT – Paraesophageal HH
CT0002 Enrolling YES NCT01011595 Mediastinal Staging
CT0003 Enrolling YES NCT01038544 Nawar Hanna EBUS for Esophageal Cancer
CT0006 CFI Protocol Pending Peripheral Pulmonary Nodules
CT0007 CFI Protocol Pending Non-Subpleural and Difficult to Visualize Peripheral Pulmonary Nodules
CT0008 CFI Protocol Pending Radiopaque Fiducial Markers for Precise Guidance in Stereotactic Radio-Surgery
CT0009 CFI Protocol Pending Endobronchial Lesions and Tumors Invading the Airway
CT0010 CFI Ethics Pending Pending Mehdi Tahiri (COPSE) Pre-Operative Assessment of Chest Wall Invasion in NSCLC
CT0011 CFI Ethics Pending Pending Eric Goudie (COPSE) SATS – Sonography After Thoracic Surgery
CT0018 CFI Ethics Pending Pending Ismael Bah Pleural Ultrasonography in Lung Cancer (PULC)
CT0013 In Progress Naji Wakeel Gastric Ischemic Pre-Conditioning Pre-Esophagectomy Review of the LiteratureNaji Wakeel
CT0015 CT/PET/CM/EBUS/EUS for Mediastinal LNs with Surgical Control (Retrospective Review, CHUM)
CT0021 Abstract Pending (STS) Etienne and Maxime Combined EBUS/EUS: A Comprehensive Approach to Minimally Invasive Mediastinal Lymph Node
CT0019 Video Submission Pending STS Etienne Double Stenting
CT0020 In Progress Maxime Hybrid Thoracic Surgery
CT0021 Ethics Pending Pending IMN1207-07 Immunotec phase III
CT0022 Enrolling YES NCIC BRC-5 Lobectomy vs Limited Resection in <2cm NSCLC