Symposium Itinerary – Diagnostic and Therapeutic Thoracic Endoscopy 2010

Symposium Day #1 – Tracheo-Bronchial Endoscopy

Session 1 – P. Ferraro

8:00 Welcome and Introduction P. Ferraro
8:30 Thoracic Endoluminal and Extra-Luminal Anatomy W. Weder
8:40 Rigid Bronchoscopy: Indications, Pitfalls, Technique and Emergency Airway Management JC. Wain
8:50 Pan-Endoscopy and Endoluminal Anatomy of the Pharynx, Larynx and Vocal Cords L. Guertin
9:00 Anesthetic Management for Interventional Bronchoscopy A. Gauthier
9:10 Endoscopic Treatment of Massive Hemoptysis A. Tremblay
9:20 Endoscopic Management of Airway Complications After Lung Transplantation W. Weder
9:30 Panel Discussion


Session 2 – A. Duranceau

10:15 Endobronchial Ultrasound Anatomy, Equipment and Technique K. Yasufuku
10:30 EBUS in Lung Cancer Staging and Diagnosis A. Ernst
10:45 EUS in Lung Cancer Staging and Diagnosis M. Eloubeidi
11:00 Combined EBUS-EUS in Lung Cancer Staging M. Liberman
11:10 SNAPSHOT: Optimizing Cytology Preparation for Best Results with EBUS and EUS R. Hadjares
11:15 Live Case / Video Case – Airway Stenting Wain / Liberman

Session 3 – JC. Wain

1:30 Airway Debridement and Stenting in Malignant Disease A. Ernst
1:45 Peripheral Pulmonary Parenchymal Nodule Trans-Bronchial Targeting and Fiducial Placement (EBUS Mini-Probe and Electromagnetic Navigational Bronchoscopy) A. Tremblay
2:00 Endobronchial Tumor Ablation CD. Wright
2:15 Radial EBUS in Evaluation of Endobronchial Pathology K. Yasufuku
2:30 Live Case – Radial EBUS Ernst / Liberman

Session 4 – CD. Wright

3:15 Airway Stenting in Benign Stenotic Disease, Tracheo-Bronchomalacia, and Tracheo-Esophageal Fistulae M. Liberman
3:30 Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction in the Treatment of Emphysema W. Weder
3:45 Airway Dilation for Benign Tracheo-Bronchial and Subglottic Stenoses JC. Wain
4:00 Autofluorescence, Narrow Band Imaging and Confocal Microscopic Bronchoscopic Assessment of the TB Tree A. Tremblay
4:10 SNAPSHOT: Endobronchial Hemostatic Techniques B. Paradis
4:15 Live Case – EBUS/EUS in Lung Cancer Staging



Yasufuku / Eloubeidi / Liberman


Symposium Day #2 – Esophageal Endoscopy

Session 5 – M. Griffin

8:30 Esophageal Stenting in Malignant Disease: Palliation and For NeoAdjuvant Therapy M. Liberman
8:45 Rigid Esophagoscopy: Indications, Pitfalls and Technique CD. Wright
9:00 Endoscopy and the Surgeon A. Duranceau
9:15 Esophageal Stenting in Benign Disease M. Eloubeidi
9:30 Live Case – Esophageal Stenting in Esophageal Cancer Liberman


Session 6 – JC Wain

10:15 Endoscopic Ultrasound Anatomy and Equipment D. Forcione
10:30 Radial EUS in Esophageal Cancer Staging and Diagnosis M. Griffin
10:45 Linear EUS in Esophageal Cancer Staging and Diagnosis A. Sahai
11:00 Combined EBUS / EUS in Esophageal Cancer Staging M. Liberman
11:10 SNAPSHOT: Assessing Your Conduit Following Esophagectomy M. Griffin
11:15 Live Case – EUS Staging in Esophageal Cancer Eloubeidi/Duranceau

Session 7 – J. Martin

1:30 Endoluminal Treatment of Reflux Disease K. Wang
1:45 Barrett’s Esophagus Diagnosis and Screening M. Griffin
2:00 Photo-Dynamic Therapy in Barrett’s Esophagus S. Mayrand
2:15 Cryo-Therapy in Barrett’s Esophagus D. Forcione
2:30 Radiofrequency Ablation in Barrett’s Esophagus K. Wang
2:45 Panel Discussion

Session 8 – P. Ferraro

3:30 Endoscopic Mucosal Resection: Indications and Technique K. Wang
3:45 Endoscopic Management of Complications Following Esophageal Surgery and Endoscopic Management of Esophageal Perforation M. Eloubeidi
4:00 Esophageal Endoluminal Tumor Ablation Techniques D. Forcione
4:10 SNAPSHOT: Intra-Operative Endoscopy and Hybrid General Thoracic Surgery M. Liberman
4:15 Live Case – Endoscopic Mucosal Resection Wang /Duranceau